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The American Kosher Council is devoted to keeping the public  kosher safe’. In today’s world of corruption and deceit what do  you think would happen if a kosher inspector (mashgiach) was  offered a handful of money to look the other way. There are  numerous ways a kosher inspector (mashgiach) can be disqualified.  Kosher is big business! Whereas most all certifying agencies will  not disclose what the charge is or what their gross revenues are,  nor are corporations anxious to make their payments pubic, in fear  of losing their kosher supervision. For a large plant operation with  numerous inspections could easily create a $40,000 or higher  yearly revenue to obtain a kosher certification. Many kosher  agencies are trying to lock their customers into yearly recurring  contracts. With some kosher agencies having hundreds of large  plant operations, it is not difficult to see some of the benefits of  running a kosher certification agency.
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